The Great eBay Junk-it

The pandemic nesting phenomena was widely discussed and I agree that it was the perfect opportunity to do something about the overwhelming accumulation of things in our basement. You see, when two people don’t marry until well into their adulthood, each brings to their new shared home one or two (or three) of everything – […]

Remembering Kay Locke

The following remembrance was given at a memorial service for Kay Locke at Rosse Hall on the campus of Kenyon College on May 26, 2023. Over 120 past members of the Kenyon College Chamber Singers were in attendance and performed. Returning to Kenyon, two years after graduating, I found myself sitting at my sister’s Baccalaureate […]

Viva Progress!

I couldn’t be more excited to announce the formation of a new nonprofit organization today, ViVA Virtual Visiting Artists with my friend and co-founder, Natalie Marsh. Natalie and I both stepped away from our former careers to take some time off (a privilege to be certain) and began a process of thinking about what we […]

Cast the Ripple

Imagine being struck by the thunderous realization that you are uniquely positioned to create significant good in this world — the kind of good that could affect thousands and ripple positively for generations. Looking around, you notice that no one else is stepping up. Doing so would surely be difficult. You would be swimming upstream […]